Founding Patron

Founding Patron of DTO-India and the Global Business & Intercultural Peace Awards

The founding patron of Dare to Overcome (DTO) India and the Global Business & Intercultural Peace Awards is Indian-origin King Husein, Chairman and CEO of Span Construction & Engineering, the largest metal construction company in the U.S.

King Husein has played a critical role addressing challenges to intercultural peace worldwide. King’s efforts range from helping organize the G20 Interfaith Summit at the MIT World Peace University in Pune, India, to helping kick off the first-ever Business Roundtable to advance intercultural peace during the 2019 UN General Assembly in New York City. In diverse venues such as the Horasis Global Conference in Portugal and Dare to Overcome Summits in Washington DC, King shares how ethics benefit business. His advocacy also looks toward the next generation by his helping launch an initiative at BYU Hawaii to equip students from across Asia to know how to advance peace when they return home.

King Husein is a Gold Medal recipient of the 2021 Global Business & Intercultural Peace Award held at Dare to Overcome Tokyo.

King Husein was born in Bombay, India. He received received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Bombay. He also received his master’s degree in Civil and Structural Engineering from Brigham Young University. After completing his education, he was hired by Priggen Steel Buildings, a regional builder affiliated with Varco Pruden Buildings. From there he moved to California, where he eventually established Span Construction and Engineering, which he now heads as the Chairman and CEO.

He has built the company into what is now the country’s largest steel building engineering and construction company, which is operating on four continents. The company specializes in the engineering and construction of large steel buildings. It is also the exclusive builder for Costco Wholesale worldwide. In addition to his business ventures, King has been a prominent philanthropist, focusing his efforts particularly on engineering education (he recently headed an $80,000,000 project for funding new facilities for the College of Engineering at Brigham Young University).