Dare to Overcome

Unity in Diversity

With India’s dynamic socio-economic rise on full display for the world during its G20 Presidency, Dare to Overcome’s next global gathering is in New Delhi October 3-5, 2023. The event’s theme is Unity in Diversity.

Dare to Overcome (DTO) is the premier global event for business leaders to share and celebrate best practices, virtues, and values in being allies of differing communities and cultures in workplaces and marketplaces, thereby building peace.

DTO’s signature events are the Global Business & Intercultural Peace Awards and the Business & Peace Symposium. American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, is DTO’s official airline and partner.

Dare to Overcome began in Rio de Janeiro (2016) with the support of Brazilian President Michel Temer, then moved to South Korea (2018) under Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s patronage, then moved to Tokyo (2021) with former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s active support.

We plan for DTO’s annual global event to now move permanently to India with satellite gatherings worldwide.

DTO last convened in Washington DC (2022) in partnership with major global corporations including American Airlines, Google, PayPal, American Express, the Ford Motor Company, Coca-Cola Consolidated, Equinix, DELL Technologies, SAP, Texas Instruments, among others.

DTO’s signature event is the Global Business & Intercultural Peace Award given to CEOs advancing cultures of mutual understanding in their workplaces and marketplaces. Award winners include the CEOs and senior leaders from more than 30 countries on six continents, including the heads of Intel, EY, Hyundai, Tyson Foods, etc.

About DTO’s Founder

Brian Grim, Ph.D., DTO’s Global Chairman, is pictured below (L) with former Brazilian President Michel Temer.

Dr. Grim has extensive international experience living and working in the Middle East, China, Europe, and in the USSR, where he helped set up its first western-style business school. Grim was an Advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair’s foundation, a Global Agenda Council Chairman for the World Economic Forum, and a speaker at Davos. He also speaks regularly to high level audiences including top Fortune 100 companies, the United Nations, the U.S. State Department, the British and European Parliaments, the Vatican, and has appeared on CNN, the BBC, Fox News, Forbes, etc. Dr. Grim has numerous academic affiliations, including with Boston University, Baylor University, the University of Notre Dame, and previously with Georgetown University.