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Dare to Overcome is a global business and peace symposium held biannually in support of the Paralympic Movement and people with disabilities.

Held at the start of the Summer 2021 Paralympic Games in Tokyo (Aug. 22-24), Dare to Overcome supports the mission of the Olympics and the Paralympics, in particular, to bring peace and empower those who face of variety of physical disabilities to succeed.

Dare to Overcome brings together people from all walks of life, faiths and cultural backgrounds to celebrate the power that business has to overcome problems facing our world today, especially those threatening peace.

At the same time, by helping to empower those with disabilities, we give voice to those who are often most vulnerable.

Dare to Overcome’s program also includes awards for businesses advancing peace and workplace inclusion, an international women’s empowerment film festivalpeace through art, a peace anthem, and much more.


Dare to Overcome focuses on peace and the role of business in promoting peace. Peace is especially pertinent to the Paralympics because they highlight human triumphs over adversity, including athletes overcoming disabilities stemming from war and conflict.

The Awards began after H.E. Ban Ki-moon established the Business for Peace platform in 2013 within the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate member organization committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, which notably include SGD 16 (Peace) “Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, providing access to justice for all and building effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.”

The 2018 Awards were held in Seoul and PyeongChang, South Korea, at the start of the Winter Paralympic Games with the collaboration of the United Nations, the Seoul City Government, the Korean Parliament, numerous businesses and civil society organizations. H.E. Ban Ki-moon, former UN Secretary General, gave the keynote at the 2018 event.

The Rio 2016 Awards were held in partnership with the City of Rio and with the support numerous United Nations agencies, business associations and civil society organizations. In 2016, H.E. Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, UN High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations, helped us launch the Global Awards in Rio at the Paralympics.


Japanese website https://dtojp.org/ and poster

Day 1, Sunday, Aug. 22

Dare to Overcome begins with service. Volunteers from Japanese community organizations will provide equipping seminars for people with disabilities at various venues in Tokyo and throughout Japan before, during and after the Paralympic Games (see program in Japanese). The seminars will help empower people with disabilities with skills ranging from how to find a better job to social integration.

Day 1 also includes a joint art creation event involving people from different cultural and ability backgrounds. This is organized by our Tokyo-based collaborator White Ship, a leader in helping companies think creatively and unlock innovation.

Dare to Overcome’s first day ends with a welcome dinner for keynote speakers and those who will be receiving awards on Day 3.

Day 2, Monday, Aug. 23

Dare to Overcome’s second day begins with Japanese and global businesses showcasing their programs, products and services that help people with disabilities have more successful and meaningful work and life. People with disabilities will participate on both “sides of the table,” both as company representatives and as potential beneficiaries of what the companies do.

Day 2 also sees the start of the Business for Peace Forum. Business leaders from Japan, Asia and the world gather to discuss the ways that business builds bridges between cultures and countries as well as serves as a powerful force supporting interfaith understanding and peace. Special discussions will include the positive role businesses have in regional peace, including in creating mutually beneficial and human relationships between Japan, China and South Korea.

An International Religious Diversity & Inclusion Business Roundtable will also be held as part of the Business for Peace Forum. Business Roundtable members are business leaders committed to addressing the cultural and religious divisions that threaten peace today (see UN Global Compact resource, Business: A Powerful Force Supporting Interfaith Understanding and Peace).

The Women Empowerment Film Competition will round out the second day’s activities with women filmmakers from Japan and from throughout the world presenting and discussing their short films. The films showcase tolerance in the workplace that leads to innovation and entrepreneurship in communities. Film themes also include those showcasing the rights of religious minorities, displaced and/or disabled communities. Participants will have the opportunity to vote for “audience favorite.” The winner along with winners from other categories will be recognized at Gala Lunch on Day 3.

Day 3, Tuesday, Aug. 24

The Business for Peace Forum will continue, with finalists for the major business awards having the opportunity to present their work in a series of workshops and plenary addresses.

There will also be a training opportunity for people who enjoyed the film competition and want to learn how to produce digital media to continue to promote peace and religious freedom when they return to their communities.

The Business for Peace Forum will conclude with a Gala Lunch, Concert and Peace Awards.

Award winners and others will have the option to join together in supporting the Paralympics by ending Day 3 of Dare to Overcome at the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympic Games. All are encouraged to catch the dramatic action of Paralympic sporting events on the following days.


Main Venues: Sophia University and Arcadia Ichigaya Hotel, both in Chiyoda City, Tokyo (near the Imperial Palace)

Days 1-2 (Sunday and Monday, 22-23 Aug. 2021): Sophia University

Days 3 (Tue. 24 Aug. 2021): Arcadia Ichigaya Hotel in Chiyoda City, Tokyo